What is Fractal?

Fractal is building web3 infrastructure allowing all on-chain financial assets to interact with and collateralize against each other via a universal margin account – starting with existing crypto assets and expanding to real world assets.
Our goal is to make On-Chain Finance as capital efficient as CeFi.

Value Proposition

Fractal is an institutional-grade platform — all of our borrowers go through KYC/KYB. Fractal enables capital efficiency for institutions that are currently deployed on-chain, while also giving institutions that cannot interact with DeFi directly a way to do so by bringing bilateral agreements on-chain. In doing so, capital-efficiency is unlocked, and transparency is improved, while maintaining institutional-grade compliance.
Fractal supports institutional clients by improving:
  1. 1.
    Cost of capital: On-Chain Finance today is primarily fully collateralized. By creating cross-margin collateralization tooling, Fractal brings down the cost of capital and makes it far more efficient to engage in the space. The cost of capital value proposition is universal, whether it’s an early stage fintech startup, a traditional or crypto native fund, or a DAO treasury.
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    Access to credit: Fractal’s account structure and risk engine unlocks the collateral value of users’ assets in a segregated and controlled environment.
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    Transparency of risk and reserves: Fractal enables a fully transparent and programmable chain of credit, providing better credit monitoring and trust between borrowers and lenders.

What do you support today?

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    DeFi protocols: adapters on top of existing DeFi protocols. We currently support Aave, Compound, Curve, Convex, Uniswap, GMX, Paraswap, 1inch as well as all of their forks on all EVM chains.
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    OTC bilateral agreements: Fractal contracts tokenize bilateral agreements including options, forwards, total return and interest rate swaps. These contracts rely on off-chain price feeds between two counterparties and automatically handle margining.
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    Spot: on-chain order execution algorithms (e.g. TWAP, VWAP) with full transparency and verifiable proof of reserves.
In addition, Fractal offers 24/7 client support for all institutional clients.

How do I learn more about Fractal

Guide and instructions to interact with Fractal Protocol and Fractal's web app
Risks entail economic and security problems, like smart contract, oracle and liquidation risks. Security audits are professional assessments on whether the code are safe and correct.
This section contains legal documents and disclaimers that users of Fractal Protocol should accept and be aware of.
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