Fractal Protocol


What is Fractal?

Fractal is an omni-chain fixed yield protocol. Users deposit stablecoins from any chain (EVM for now) and get diversified yield exposure from all chains.
  • Yield is fixed.
  • Fractal’s yield-bearing vault token USDF is a high performance & composable yield primitive for DeFi.
  • Yield is powered by blue-chip DeFi strategies deployed on all source chains, allowing liquidity to be dynamically routed where it is most rewarded.

How does it work at a high level?


USDF is minted by depositing USDC into the Fractal master vault. For now, Fractal's master vault is available only on Ethereum Mainnet. Soon, an instance of the vault will be deployed on all chains, giving users the flexibility to mint, bridge and redeem in a completely chain-agnostic manner.
USDF is redeemable for the initial deposit along with accrued interest at all times.
In Fractal v2, USDF depositors will have the ability to make deposits in any stable coin. A small zap fee might be charged to cover the deposit swapping costs. This fee will be a function of the deposit token's liquidity.

How do I learn more about Fractal

​Using Fractal​
Guide and instructions to interact with Fractal Protocol and Fractal's web app
​Risks and Audits​
Risks entail economic and security problems, like smart contract, oracle and liquidation risks. Security audits are professional assessments on whether the code are safe and correct.
​Legal Notices​
This section contains legal documents and disclaimers that users of Fractal Protocol should accept and be aware of.
​Media Kit​
Do you need Fractal's logos, pictures and brand assets?
​Contract Addresses​
Fractal's smart contract addresses are listed here.
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